The Cruiseline passenger terminal

OXXEAN´S highly qualified and well-trained port staff are highly supportive in providing all necessary support assistance to incoming passengers

The OXXEAN Terminal has bilingual personnel ready to help and guide visiting tourist, in addition to safety personnel. The main purpose here is to ensure a speedy and efficient transit of passengers towards the waiting tourist buses, which will take them on their sightseeing excursions throughout the region.

Puerto Chacabuco, Aysén Region, Chile


The system implemented by OXXEAN is linear and efficient, taking into account the simple and straight full design applied at the Passenger Terminal.

All the passenger logistics are carried out in a new building, which in addition to being modern and comfortable meets the highest standards of quality and safety, with surveillance cameras, metal detectors and other devices.

Linear and efficIent

The terminal is located in an area directly connected to the routes that lead to the tourist attractions of the region, in Chilean Patagonia.


Supply rendered at moorings sites

Fuel, drinking water and electricity (220/380 v)

Wifi and VHF

Comfortable for passengers

Waiting room and lounge for passengers


Waiting room and lounge for cruiseline passengers.

Floating Dock

Floating dock 100 m total length with 10 moorings sites

Welcome to Aysén Region